CRISTÓBAL is not only an extremely experienced professional singer, he also plays guitar and piano! In 2007 he was one of the winners of the casting show POPSTARS. In addition to his own songs, CRISTÓBAL has already performed as a singer in many successful productions, such as Kay One‘s “Bachata”. Beside his own projects, Cristóbal accompanied singer Pietro Lombardi as vocalist and piano player on his live tour.

On 19 May 1987, CRISTOBAL was born in Offenbach a.M., Germany, amid loud protests. When the doctor said: “He’ll definitely be a good singer one day”, no one could have guessed how right the doctor would be.

Cristóbal performed as support act for Rihanna at the “Top of the Mountain” concert in Ischgl and as support act for DJ BoBo on the arena tour through Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. Two stars, two greats, which says how powerfully talented he is as an artist.

Cristóbal: Aspiring singer and songwriter, with fiery Spanish roots

He received his first record contract at the age of 16. Then came his breakthrough in 2007. Cristóbal was chosen from among 10,000 candidates. With Room 2012 he achieved national and international success. They conquered the charts, were among the highest placed and drove countless teenagers crazy. A total of 100,000 records were sold.

Cristóbal is an artist with a fine feeling for singing, rhythm and melodies. Even as a young boy, he made a name for himself with his talent and Spanish temperament, learned harmony in choral singing through his musical father and taught himself to play the guitar and piano.

Today Cristóbal writes his own promising songs. He has worked with many impressive musicians over the years. This has contributed significantly to his development. Cristóbal is a nationally and internationally sought-after singer. Within a very short time, he advanced to become a truly grandiose artist.

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